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Brian Gongol

The American Way (1.12.2005)
Bundestag President: Islam, West Need to Talk More
Correctly identifies trade and commerce as one major step toward repressing violence

Business and Finance (1.12.2005)
Paris Club Freezes Debt for Tsunami-Hit Nations
India and Thailand don't want the freeze because they want to protect their credit standing. Parts of Malaysia got hit with a power blackout of unknown origin. Singapore's deputy prime minister is worried that tsunami recovery efforts are distracting attention away from terrorism.

Science and Technology (1.12.2005)
Turning Chicken Crap Into Gold
Solutions are out there for all of our problems if we know where to look. The joke potential remains incredible.

The United States of America (1.12.2005)
Are Blacks Getting a Hard Time in the Press?
The Randy Moss mock-mooning incident? Who cares? Same goes for the Terrell Owens MNF skit. Ron Artest going ballistic on a stupid basketball fan? That was going too far.

Computers and the Internet (1.12.2005)
MS Issues Critical Security Update
Systems need protection from morons who hack maliciously

Aviation News (1.12.2005)
Open Skies Pact On Way for US, India
More openness will be good for both

Weather and Disasters (1.12.2005)
Munich Re Publishes Megacity Risk Charts
Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles just asking for disaster. People working in Tokyo take disaster walks to practice getting home in case transit is knocked out.

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.12.2005)
European Parliament Approves EU Constitution
Free trade and open borders are great, but monetary union's only iffy at best, and political union will only lead to senseless bureaucracy. The Euroskeptics may not be perfect, but they're right about this. Ask Margaret Thatcher. Ironic how this happens just as some European nations are recovering from Communism.
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