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Science and Technology (1.19.2005)
Vancouver Heroin Junkies to Get Free Smack
They're trying to figure out if it's going to reduce crime. On one hand, it's a scientific inquiry. On the other hand, it's giving out free heroin to junkies. Call this the Arrowsmith paradox.

Computers and the Internet (1.19.2005)
Should Cities Supply Municipal Broadband?
Good, clean economical thinking actually makes it to the opinion pages of a major newspaper. And the people rejoiced.

We All Need a Little Humor (1.19.2005)
$10,000 for Pretending to Moon the Crowd?
Moss didn't even really moon them...he just pantomimed it. Replying with "What's ten grand to me?" wasn't exactly diplomatic, though.

The Looming Water Crisis (1.19.2005)
Splitting the Water Tab
Some alarming (perhaps just alarmist) words on the water supply.

Iowa (1.19.2005)
Agricultural Terrorism Training
Threats aren't limited just to planes hitting buildings; they could be as simple as causing billions of dollars in losses by infecting animal herds. The BSE event has shown that nature alone poses risks to the food supply.

Science and Technology (1.19.2005)
Nebraska to Build $81.3 Million Wind Farm

Weather and Disasters (1.19.2005)
Tsunami Quake Registered in Nebraska
Water well found 2" change in levels at a point 9,000 miles away from the epicenter. That's how big the quake was. The USGS issued an excellent tsunami survival guide in 1999. Incredibly, the UN thinks competition to provide a warning system is a bad idea; they're wrong, wrong, wrong. Top-down, bureaucratic thinking kills. Deaths from the December 26th event now top 212,000.

The United States of America (1.19.2005)
Origin of the Paratrooper Yell "Geronimo!"
Started when one wanted to prove he could be heard shouting all the way down. They often were dropped out of the C-47, a beautiful plane, during WWII.
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