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Brian Gongol

Science and Technology (1.26.2005)
Australia Losing Its Accent

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.26.2005)
China Continues Rattling Sabers Over Taiwan
Cabinet-level spokesperson "stressed that currently it is the urgent task for the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to stop 'Taiwan Independence' activities and safeguard peace and stability across the Straits."

The United States of America (1.26.2005)
Carson's Death May Encourage Smokers to Quit

The United States of America (1.26.2005)
Condoleeza Rice Gets Senate Approval for Secretary of State

News (1.26.2005)
Liverpool (UK) to Open a Legal Red-Light District

The American Way (1.26.2005)
Ukraine to EU: Let Us In

Threats to Western Civilization (1.26.2005)
There's Only a 43% Chance that an American Man Reads Books

The United States of America (1.26.2005)
Anyone Who Wears This Shirt Should Rightly Expect a Beat-Down
Not that violence itself should be condoned, but no one should be this stupid

News (1.26.2005)
Japan Bars South Korean from Government Office
Legitimate home bias or racism? Hard to say for a country that itself occupied South Korea for half of the 20th Century

Business and Finance (1.26.2005)
South Korean Firm Plans Project with Earthlink to Offer Cell Phone Service in US

News (1.26.2005)
Israeli Prime Minister: Israel Can Only Count On Itself
Says, "Legitimate steps of self-defense which Israel takes in its war against Palestinian terror actions which any sovereign state is obligated to undertake to ensure the security of its citizens are presented by those who hate Israel as aggressive, Nazi-like steps." May be a shot across the bow of Iran, which hasn't been very quiet lately about its intentions for the Middle East.
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