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Science and Technology (1.30.2005)
Men's and Women's Brains
"'For every 10 men, six will have a male brain, two will have a balanced brain and two will have a female brain.' As for women, 'four will have a female brain, four will have a balanced brain and two will have a male brain'."

Science and Technology (1.30.2005)
A Blind Man Draws
The visual cortex keeps working even if the eyes don't

Threats to Western Civilization (1.30.2005)
Japanese Banks Switching to Biometric Cards
Hazard: Biometric systems aren't very robust. Once someone has broken in, there's very little to stop them from doing serious damage. They reduce the role of networks of trust.

Science and Technology (1.30.2005)
Primates May Share a Sense of Fairness
Important implications for economics, since fairness and efficiency are often at odds. Efficiency is easy to calculate; fairness is decidedly not.

Science and Technology (1.30.2005)
Brain May Store Memories as "Avalanches"

Computers and the Internet (1.30.2005)
XP Service Pack 2 May Have Been Cracked
Russian security firm says two flaws in the upgrade make it vulnerable to attacks

News (1.30.2005)
Israel, Palestinian Authority Back to Cooperation

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.30.2005)
South Korea Won't Call North Korea Its Main Enemy Any Longer
It's a challenge: One one hand, the North under self-hypnotic Kim Jong Il really is their biggest threat; on the other, there's the need to look forward to their future reunification under a free government

Threats to Western Civilization (1.30.2005)
UN Tells Caterpillar: Don't Send Equipment to Israel
The story's old, but the implications are stunning
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