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"[I]f you suppose a human individual is alone, acting on no one, you will find that all his moral virtues are in vain and without employment and unneeded, and that they do not perfect the individual in anything; for he only needs them and they again become useful to him in regard to someone else." - Maimonides
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Gongol.com Archives: March 2005
Brian Gongol

News (3.6.2005)
Syria Pulling Out of Lebanon

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.6.2005)
Communists Win Elections in Moldova
That's not going to help their $760 per capita GDP

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.6.2005)
Thousands of British Hospital Patients Catch "Superbug"
Result: "Cleaner hospitals" becomes a campaign issue

Business and Finance (3.6.2005)
Treasury Secretary Hits His Head
Temporary insanity is the only excuse for "not ruling out" U2 lead singer Bono as a candidate to head the World Bank. His campaign for debt relief doesn't seem to address the fundamental problem that underlies the Third World debt problem; that more than anything else, the debt is being caused by political corruption. But even granting him the benefit of the doubt in that regard, he would lack the credibility as a lender to enforce debt repayment, turning the World Bank into the world free-money machine. His arguments on debt relief should be heard out, but he shouldn't be seriously considered for a position that should include an element of enforcement. Among other things, debt amnesty could create welfare-style dependency and punish fiscally prudent nations.

Business and Finance (3.6.2005)
Poland Successfully Curbing Inflation
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