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"While anger seeks to bring someone back into the fold, contempt seeks to exile. It attempts to mock, shame, and permanently exclude from relationships by belittling, humiliating, and ignoring." - Arthur Brooks
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Gongol.com Archives: March 2005
Brian Gongol

Business and Finance (3.10.2005)
Ownership Vs. Renting
The break-even point could be seven years

Election 2008 (3.10.2005)
Should the Internet Be Subject to Campaign-Finance Regulations?
No, no, no.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.10.2005)
Pro-Syrian Prime Minister Reappoited to Lead Lebanon
Opposition parties say they won't join a coalition government. Meanwhile, the EU labels Hezbollah a terrorist group.

Science and Technology (3.10.2005)
AIDS/HIV Turning the Corner from Terminal to Chronic
Dutch insurance firm to offer "affordable" life insurance to HIV-infected people; says their annual mortality from AIDS is now under 0.5%

News (3.10.2005)
Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Ontario Legislature

Aviation News (3.10.2005)
High Fuel Prices Could Kill Delta Air Lines
Expects a "substantial net loss in 2005" and thinks it could run out of cash this year

We All Need a Little Humor (3.10.2005)
Dan Rather Retires

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.10.2005)
Massive Strike in Paris Coincides with IOC Visit
Reveals the mentality behind the radically adversarial socialist: Never seeing the broader picture of prosperity

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.10.2005)
Cuba to UN: "We Treat Women Better Than You"
Falls a little flat if you're a woman and a political dissident or a woman and an entrepreneur

The American Way (3.10.2005)
Lebanese Troops Take Over Posts Abandoned By Syrians
Domestic and international pressure are causing a major shift. Peace, prosperity, and freedom could be on the move.

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.10.2005)
Brutal Crackdown on Political Opponents Reported in North Korea

The American Way (3.10.2005)
Irish Attitudes About the UK
Irish see themselves closer to America than to Europe
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