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"The oldest rocks on the surface of the earth date back some 3.8 billion years. A few of those rocks, off the coast of Australia, contain fossils of blue-green algae that are 3.5 billion years old. The leap from those rocks to that algae is what no one, so far as I know, can explain." - Barbara Brown Taylor
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Brian Gongol

Iowa (3.18.2005)
Iowa Governor Thinks More Government Will Solve Government Problems
This not-so-brilliant idea brought to you by the same administration that thinks that government should invest in projects that the private sector deems too risky. The private sector, by comparison, likes projects that look like moneymakers.

Iowa (3.18.2005)
Grundy County Claims Best Soil in Iowa

Business and Finance (3.18.2005)
February Retail and Food Sales Up 7.7% Over 2004

The American Way (3.18.2005)
Some Worried that Illegal Immigrants Are Taking Low-Wage Jobs
This week's "not-just-an-American-phenomenon" brought to you by Poland, where the healthy and growing economy is attracting Ukranians, Russians, and Belorussians

News (3.18.2005)
Head of Russian Electric Monopoly Survives Assassination Attempt

Iowa (3.18.2005)
Rules, Courts Could Keep Canadian Beef Ban in Place for Another Year

Threats to Western Civilization (3.18.2005)
UN Official Thinks Hundreds of Thousands Have Died in the Sudan
CBC: "The UN, United States and European Union are sending another mission to Darfur to assess the situation further." Sounds a lot like Rwanda.

News (3.18.2005)
Underground Garbage Fire Has Been Burning for Months
Quebec authorities say the people living in nearby homes should probably leave for a while. Because that wouldn't have been on the mind of someone living next to a burning dump.

Aviation News (3.18.2005)
EU Threatening Member States About Open-Skies Deals with US
EU regulators want to show who's boss when it comes to making international deals

Aviation News (3.18.2005)
Continental Airlines Might Not Last 2005
Ironically, it happens just as the FAA says air travel is growing too fast for the existing infrastructure

Science and Technology (3.18.2005)
Mobile Phone Saturation in Ireland: 94%

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.18.2005)
UN Says Fight With Maoist Rebels Threatens Poor in Nepal

News (3.18.2005)
Love Is Not Leaving the Woman Who Gave You Her Kidney

News (3.18.2005)
Police Arrest Canadian Students Planning to Copy Columbine

News (3.18.2005)
Diplomatic Fight Between South Korea, Japan
Angry protests include Korean man setting himself on fire in front of the Japanese embassy. It's a fight over some islands and the half-century Japanese occupation of Korea.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.18.2005)
Iranian Leader Says US Work in Mideast a "Zionist" Plot
Here's a hint: When the government is run by a "supreme leader" who has a "20-year plan" for just about anything, something's very, very wrong. And if it's all a "Zionist" plot, why is there serious skepticism about Arab democracy voiced in the Israeli press?
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