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"What should America's allies conclude? That a Chinese-led international order is unlikely to be liberal. It is likely to be an order in which China's interests alone dictate outcomes unmitigated by rules; in which the strong do what they may and the weak suffer what they must; in which tribute rather than alliance determines treatment; and in which military force is used to advance commercial advantage. In short, it would be the equivalent of America's early twentieth century policy of United Fruit and gunboat diplomacy in Latin America. This is not an international order in which Western sensibilities would prosper." - Kori Schake
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Gongol.com Archives: March 2005
Brian Gongol

Business and Finance (3.20.2005)
Kmart/Sears Merger Goes to Shareholder Vote Thursday
Consultant says the Kmart name will be gone in three years

The American Way (3.20.2005)
Tempering Our Delight in Creative Destruction
Creative destruction is a natural part of a free market. But that doesn't mean we should dance on the graves of failed businesses.

Computers and the Internet (3.20.2005)
People in Totalitarian States Will Pay More Than $25 Just to Visit a Website
Government censorship is just that strong, and the appeal to get around it just that great (from Slashdot)

The American Way (3.20.2005)
Lebanese Opposition Standing Strong Against the Pro-Syrian President
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