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"Our isolation has deprived us of healthy local tribes with whom we share values and goals and ways of life that uplift us, and so we fall into 'anti-tribes,' defined by what we're against rather than what we're for." - Ben Sasse
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Brian Gongol

News (3.24.2005)
Tony Blair Within Thin Margin of Losing His Job
Labour Party Prime Minister has just a few weeks to go before general elections, and it's basically a dead heat with the Tories

We All Need a Little Humor (3.24.2005)
Judge Rules Family So Lousy, They're Being Kicked Out of Town

Science and Technology (3.24.2005)
WHO Says Tuberculosis Rates Have Tripled in Parts of Africa Since 1990
Combined with HIV/AIDS, it's especially bad

Science and Technology (3.24.2005)
Beer Better for the Belly than Vino

The United States ofAmerica (3.24.2005)
John Adams vs. George W. Bush

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.24.2005)
Chinese Government Up in Arms Over Genetically-Modified Foods
Tut-tutting about consumer "rights and safety standards" falls a little flat when China's dismal record on worker safety (for coal miners, especially) is considered. When a socialist or Communist starts prattling about "consumer rights", it's a safe bet there are nefarious politics behind it.

Iowa (3.24.2005)
Iowa's Tax Code: Too Complicated
The more Byzantine the regulations, the worse things become for small businesses

We All Need a Little Humor (3.24.2005)
Weatherman Tries Harder Than You to Get Fired
Hilarious video of a forecaster who takes stream-of-consciousness too far
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