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"If a person had delivered up your body to some passer-by, you would certainly be angry. And do you feel no shame in delivering up your own mind to any reviler, to be disconcerted and confounded?" - Epictetus
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Gongol.com Archives: March 2005
Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (3.25.2005)
Google News: Which Sources Are Used Most?

Iowa (3.25.2005)
Montana Wants In On Ethanol

Science and Technology (3.25.2005)
Toshiba Planning Mini-Nuclear Reactors
Could be used in rural areas far from other sources of power

Water News (3.25.2005)
USDA to Pay to Remove 100,000 Irrigated Acres from Production
Water shortage in the Plains becomes a financial reality. Cause: Six years of drought. Cost: $158 million over 15 years. In the long run, better water recycling will be the only sustainable plan. For now, it's more technology than most places need, but even on the low-tech scale a better job needs to be done.

Iowa (3.25.2005)
Landlord Skips Water Bill, Tenants Get Cut Off

Threats to Western Civilization (3.25.2005)
South Korean President: "Japan is Proceeding with Lively Discussions About Rearmament"
Says "We can no longer stand by and watch Japan's attempts to justify its history of aggression and occupation and its intention to achieve hegemony again, because this is a matter that will determine the future of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia." Korea is angry over some recent goings-on about the Dokdo Islands, which Japan claimed during its aggressor years, and still claims.

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.25.2005)
No Free Press in Greece
Greek court convicts cartoonist of blasphemy -- that's right, blasphemy -- and gives him a six-month suspended sentence. The disturbing part: The author is from Austria, and says he didn't even know his book had been published in Greece, but under EU extradition laws, he's on the hook. It doesn't matter whether the book was in good taste or not. That (a) a European country sees fit to enforce laws on blasphemy, (b) a European country sees fit to convict an author over a matter of tastes and preferences, and (c) European Union regulations would allow for an absurdity like his conviction and extradition are enough to terrify. It makes them no better than Communists.
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