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"'Popular' leaders, those capable of interpreting the feelings and cultural dynamics of a people, and significant trends in society, do exist. The service they provide by their efforts to unite and lead can become the basis of an enduring vision of transformation and growth that would also include making room for others in the pursuit of the common good. But this can degenerate into an unhealthy 'populism' when individuals are able to exploit politically a people's culture, under whatever ideological banner, for their own personal advantage or continuing grip on power. Or when, at other times, they seek popularity by appealing to the basest and most selfish inclinations of certain sectors of the population. This becomes all the more serious when, whether in cruder or more subtle forms, it leads to the usurpation of institutions and laws." - Pope Francis
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Brian Gongol

News (3.27.2005)
OSCE Trying to Figure Out Which Kyrgyz Parliament to Recognize
Two different groups claim to be the legitimate government. The US State Department is deferring to the OSCE, possibly in a bid to keep the Russians from taking offense.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.27.2005)
Opposition Says Zimbabwe's President is Starving Voters
They claim that food and emergency relief are being withheld from people who might vote for the opposition. A free world can't be built on corrupt government.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.27.2005)
North Korea Admits Bird Flu Outbreak
When a Communist propaganda agency uses phrases like "dynamic work underway" and "meticulously organized veterinary and anti-epizootic work", the situation is almost certainly out of hand. Soviet officials didn't admit the disaster at Chernobyl for days. Contemporary photos of Chernobyl are sobering.
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