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"Anger warms the invention, but overheats the oven." - Benjamin Franklin
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Threats to Western Civilization (3.29.2005)
What You Can't Say Here (Or There)
How libel laws and the Internet are at odds

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.29.2005)
Chicago Challenges "Public" Part of Public Art
Which prevails: The First Amendment, or local regulations?

Science and Technology (3.29.2005)
New Lithium Ion Battery Charges Almost Instantly, Lasts Almost Indefinitely

Business and Finance (3.29.2005)
Refutation of the Minimum Wage
Business owner describes how a rising minimum wage has caused (a) jobs to go away, (b) jobs to be outsourced, (c) jobs to be automated, and (d) prices to rise.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.29.2005)
Video Smuggled Out of North Korea Shows Summary Executions
First time it's been captured on tape and moved outside the country, but South Korean officials have been trying to keep it under wraps in order to promote harmony with the North. They're also worried about slipping ties to the US, just as a diplomatic fight with Japan gets worse. A good question, though, was raised: If the government in the South keeps atrocities like this quiet, what will the people of the North say when they eventually become free?

Business and Finance (3.29.2005)
South Korea's Industrial Output Fell 7.3% in February
Officials say it's due to the Lunar New Year holiday, but it might also relate to a slowdown in capital investment.

Computers and the Internet (3.29.2005)
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