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Weather and Disasters (3.30.2005)
Japanese Government Thinks Earthquakes Could Kill 27,000 People There in Next Few Years
Biggest worries include people's individual preparedness and earthquake resistance of buildings

News (3.30.2005)
Situation in Lebanon Still Dicey
Editorial in major newspaper asks, "What is it that prompts individuals to become obstacles to the fulfilment of the will of the people? Is it power, is it ideology or is it the sheer thrill of it?"

The American Way (3.30.2005)
Fiscal Conservatism, Small Government Created the Irish Economic Miracle

Socialism Doesn't Work (3.30.2005)
Chinese Goverment Worried the Economy is Too Hot
It can be comical watching Communists try to manage a market. It can also be a little confusing, as when they try to deal with environmental changes.

The American Way (3.30.2005)
Election in Zimbabwe Could Mean End for Dictator
There's always the possibility Mugabe could win or rig the election, but it can't hurt the movement for freedom when the Catholic archbishop starts weighing in against the autocrat. The economy is reportedly near collapse, which tends to have a pretty dire effect on dictators.

The United States ofAmerica (3.30.2005)
Democracy in the Middle East Might Temporarily Cause Setbacks for US Diplomacy
Doesn't change (a) the fundamental right-ness of freedom and self-government, nor (b) the probability that, in the long run, free nations will tend to get along better than unfree ones. But in the short term, more democracy in the Middle East could actually cause more trouble for the US. People need tools in order to act out their frustrations; Bin Laden has money, but votes can be pretty powerful, too. In the long run, though, certain changes like women's education tend to help the cause of freedom.

Business and Finance (3.30.2005)
Supreme Court Decides Employers Might Be Guilty of Age Discrimination Even When They're Not Discriminating Based on Age

Weather and Disasters (3.30.2005)
Latest Indonesian Quake Killed More than 500

The United States ofAmerica (3.30.2005)
Economist Says Minnesota Will Face Same Problems as Dakotas
Aging population causes health care costs to rise and state tax income to fall. Midwestern states especially should like Social Security reforms, like the one the President was touting in Iowa this week.

Business and Finance (3.30.2005)
US Trade Report Says India Doesn't Play Fair

We All Need a Little Humor (3.30.2005)
Ransom the Bunny
The "Save Toby" website -- dedicated to a man's supposed quest to kill and eat a bunny found under his porch unless people buy his swag -- is a hoax. But it's funny.

We All Need a Little Humor (3.30.2005)
Vegas Mayor to Schoolkids: I Love My Gin

Iowa (3.30.2005)
UNI Men's Basketball: Not a Bad Showing
UNI lost to Wisconsin, the Syracuse region runner-up

Science and Technology (3.30.2005)
House Made Of, and Powered By, Spinach
Or builders could just plan for lower energy consumption

We All Need a Little Humor (3.30.2005)
Hillary Clinton's 2008 Campaign Theme
(Animation) Truly goofy

Computers and the Internet (3.30.2005)
New Yorkers Go Nuts with Digital Cameras

Science and Technology (3.30.2005)
The Long Journey of a Brazil Nut
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