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"Once we locate the cause of our condition within ourselves, rather than 'out there' in external factors beyond our control, we enlarge the scope of human freedom. Responsibility is the negation of learned helplessness. It is a great weight to carry. But the alternative is heavier still." - Jonathan Sacks
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Gongol.com Archives: April 2005
Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (4.8.2005)
Google Video Search
Like reading storyboards much more than like watching actual videos

We All Need a Little Humor (4.8.2005)
Editing Isn't the Same Without a Red Pen

Science and Technology (4.8.2005)
Lab Tests Indicate Genetic Diversity Related to Disease Resistance
From a biological standpoint, diversity can be good in its own right. One report concluded that less diversity in US corn, soybean, wheat, and other crops could cause billions of dollars in losses

Computers and the Internet (4.8.2005)
US University Students Win 17th Place in World Computer-Programming Competition
Could be a really bad sign: Worst performance in the 29 years they've put on the competition

Computers and the Internet (4.8.2005)
Gateway Adding A Bunch of Mid-Range Computers to Lineup
PC market shares: 33% for Dell, 20% for HP, 5% for Gateway

Science and Technology (4.8.2005)
Cousin of Ebola Virus Now Spreading in Angola
Almost 200 dead. World Health Organization tells neighboring countries to prepare. Usually kills within two weeks. Worthwhile question: How do we keep serious viruses from being spread by air travel? (One suggestion: Always open up the vent overhead and keep it running throughout the flight.)

Science and Technology (4.8.2005)
Scientists Say Any Information Presented Visually Should Be Simple Enough for the Side of a Van
PowerPoint mania doesn't do much to live up to the standard. Seems to relate to the philosophy that a handful of pages were good enough for the Constitutuion and the Gettysburg Address, so why do we need hundreds of pages of regulations for everything in the economy?

Aviation News (4.8.2005)
NASA Plans Return to Shuttle Activity Next Month
No shuttle has launched in over two years

We All Need a Little Humor (4.8.2005)
Castro Looking Nervous Under the Pope's Mug
Manolo's Shoe Blog is one of the funniest, most offbeat websites on the planet. You can't beat phrases like, "Yes, it is true, the Manolo he is the running capitalist pig-dog. He loves the Capitalism and how the market it delivers the beautiful goods to the peoples, and how it makes the work of the good designers valuable. Manolo loves this like he loves his own dear sainted Granny."

Iowa (4.8.2005)
Much-Maligned Genetic Modification Can Help Protect Milk Supplies
The other side to genetic modification is preserving genetic diversity. Both are part of the larger progress of biotechnology.

Water News (4.8.2005)
Better Computer Modeling to Predict, Control Drought

Science and Technology (4.8.2005)
How Ants Find Food
Even though they're individually dumb, nature (through pheromones) has a way for them to collectively figure things out. Humans can learn from it.

Science and Technology (4.8.2005)
Apparently We All Just Want to Marry Ourselves
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