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"[E]ven in the best of men, before you refine them by instruction, there is but the stuff of virtue, not virtue itself." - Lucius Seneca
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Brian Gongol

The American Way (4.11.2005)
Comparing Stages of Economic Growth
It's hard to wrap one's brain around facts and figures. It may be easier to compare nations using a historical context.

Science and Technology (4.11.2005)
Study Says Mobile Phones Aren't a One-Way Ticket to Brain Cancer

Threats to Western Civilization (4.11.2005)
Racial Tensions High in Britain

Socialism Doesn't Work (4.11.2005)
Castro: Master of Internal Propaganda
When life is miserable for your subjects, tell them they're writing history

Threats to Western Civilization (4.11.2005)
Trouble in Sudan Hasn't Gone Away
It's just been swept aside by news of the Pope's death and other transient events

News (4.11.2005)
The Real Power of the Pope

Socialism Doesn't Work (4.11.2005)
Bonds, Not Bombs
Analysis suggests that the US has more to fear from China going berserk on the bond market than with long-range missiles. One could argue that it's in line with the principle that conflicts are won by the unpredictable party.

Weather and Disasters (4.11.2005)
Forecasters Expect Active 2005 Hurricane Season

We All Need a Little Humor (4.11.2005)
Chinese Grannies Break-Dancing in Beauty Contests
Is it the Onion or the BBC? Sometimes it gets hard to tell the difference.

Iowa (4.11.2005)
ISU Tracking Soybean Rust; Estimating Measurable Impact on Midwest Acres Planted and Yields
An example of useful government activity: Widespread research and dissemination of information on a subject that involves conditions distinctly beyond individuals' control
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