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"And while we will never tolerate a lack of discipline in the U.S. Army, we must not create a zero-defect environment, because that would suffocate initiative and aggressiveness, the two attributes most vital to battlefield success." - James Mattis
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Gongol.com Archives: April 2005
Brian Gongol

Iowa (4.22.2005)
Seeds on Ice
Preservation of genetic diversity by storing germplasm. We have to keep stocks of some, but how do we keep the right Noah's Ark without wasting space?

Iowa (4.22.2005)
Changes in Farm Tillage Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Problem By 10%

News (4.22.2005)
Chimp Addicted to Smoking
Would be funny, except that it's killing the chimp

News (4.22.2005)
Berlusconi Resigns, May Re-Form Government Right Away

The United States of America (4.22.2005)
Immigration a Hot Issue in UK, Just Like US

Threats to Western Civilization (4.22.2005)
Mass Trial of 24 Suspected Terrorists Begins in Spain

Aviation News (4.22.2005)
US Plans to Tighten Rules on Flights Crossing Airspace
Previously only a stickler about those flights landing here. New security rules (not including the proposed US overflight one) caused 200 people to miss their flights out of Dublin in the past week or so.

Socialism Doesn't Work (4.22.2005)
Czech President Vocally Opposing EU Constitution
Understandable, since the EU gives off the sense of being a remote bureaucracy intent on eroding the Czech Republic's sovereignty. Sounds a lot like he rightly remembers the Soviet days, before they had a free press.

Threats to Western Civilization (4.22.2005)
Islamic Fundamentalist Groups Control 3% of Bangladesh's Economy
They're rapidly expanding schools and spending more on them than the government there, and their income is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy

News (4.22.2005)
China, Japan Planning Meeting Over Textbook Fight

We All Need a Little Humor (4.22.2005)
Even Across Borders, Mothers Still Get On Daughters' Cases About Marriage

Socialism Doesn't Work (4.22.2005)
South Koreans Now Must Pay Income Tax on Bribes
Panel member: "The current law is so unfair in that ordinary people are subject to pay taxes on bribes they take, but politicians are not"
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