Gongol.com Archives: June 2005
Brian Gongol

Science and Technology (6.4.2005)
Researchers Model the Possibility of Electric Circuits and Actuators on the Atomic Scale
On such a small scale, it's more Einstein than Newton whose rules apply. In related research, a father and son team are figuring out how to use gold nanoparticles to detect cancer. Apparently the metal binds much better to unhealthy cells than to good ones.

Science and Technology (6.4.2005)
New Watch-Like Device Could Measure Glucose Without Pin Pricks
Would be a huge advance for the diabetic population, which is increasing in the US

Computers and the Internet (6.4.2005)
Phishing Attacks Now Mimicking Credit Unions

Computers and the Internet (6.4.2005)
Code Planted on MSN Korea's News Site Would Have Stolen Login Data for Online Games
MSN says the site is not under their direct control, so it's not their fault. A keystroke-logging Trojan on a trusted site is a serious concern. Meanwhile, researchers have figured out how to crack secured Bluetooth devices on demand.

Weather and Disasters (6.4.2005)
Undersea Sensors, Photos Being Used to Measure Impact of December's Tsunami
Scientists modeling the shift in fault lines to predict what might happen in other quakes

Computers and the Internet (6.4.2005)
Apple Switching from IBM Chips to Intel
Analyst: "Every time they do this, they lose more customers"

Science and Technology (6.4.2005)
Hormone Could Be Used to Synthesize Human Trust

Science and Technology (6.4.2005)
iPod Phenomenon Credited with Making Technology Cool
Wearable technology getting attention

Science and Technology (6.4.2005)
Researchers Say Earth Microbes Could Survive on Mars
So we need to be especially careful with anything we send to other planets