Gongol.com Archives: June 2005
Brian Gongol

News (6.6.2005)
Colorado Town Still Recovering a Year After Bulldozer Rampage
Man lost a zoning dispute, then spent a year and a half turning a bulldozer into an armored vehicle. In one day, he caused $5 million in damage to 12 buildings before killing himself.

Science and Technology (6.6.2005)
Some Cold-Blooded Animals May Have Reverse-Evolved from Warm-Blooded Ancestors

The American Way (6.6.2005)
Historic Preservation Doesn't Have to Be a Government Activity
Nevada man likes historic places, so he buys and preserves them. But he also makes money from all of them.

Water News (6.6.2005)
Ag Imports as a Way to Preserve Water

Aviation News (6.6.2005)
How Pilots Get Their Call Signs

The American Way (6.6.2005)
Economics Everywhere
Where past economists have pushed the science into the mainstream

News (6.6.2005)
Britain Puts Spear in Heart of Dying EU Constitution
Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister's spokesperson say UK referendum on indefinite hold, saying, "[W]e see no point in proceeding at this moment." France is trying to force the UK to revive the vote after French voters trounced it, but the damage is already done. June 16th meeting could determine what's next.

We All Need a Little Humor (6.6.2005)
Russell Crowe Arrested for Throwing Telephone at Manhattan Hotel Staff
Don't let it be called a "misunderstanding" like his last incident. Normal adults don't get into fights like that.

Business and Finance (6.6.2005)
Why Government Policy Should Be Savings- and Asset-Friendly
5.6% of households in the highest income quintile have zero or negative net worth. 5.1% of households in the lowest income quintile have a quarter-million dollars or more. This lesson brought to you by private accounts for Social Security, which would help people with low incomes generate wealth, which is also known by the peculiar name "security". Also: More than 28% of all young households (head of household under 35 years old) have zero or negative net worth.

The American Way (6.6.2005)
June 6, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists
Personal favorites: Examples of history's great unintended consequences, the state of auto makers, three good tests for assessing opportunities, and the best sites for buying small businesses.