Gongol.com Archives: June 2005
Brian Gongol

Socialism Doesn't Work (6.7.2005)
Totalitarianism and "Art"

Computers and the Internet (6.7.2005)
Frame Problem Identified on Firefox

Threats to Western Civilization (6.7.2005)
Sudan's Darfur Crisis Still Lingering
Sadly, the Onion's satirical piece on the subject this week is the most press the genocidal conflict has gotten in a long time

The United States of America (6.7.2005)
Postmaster General Tells Congress E-Mail Creates Large Measurable Impact on Mail Volume
Apparently eroding mail service on the order of around 2% of total First-Class volume per year. Apparently USPS has gone through a huge period of debt and recovered thanks to cost cutting and efficiency improvements. Sounds like the Postmaster General is using the economics degree he earned at Fordham.

News (6.7.2005)
Iraqi Reality TV Includes Popular Anti-Terrorism Program
Almost like a version of "Cops" (from eDodo.org)

Computers and the Internet (6.7.2005)
A Truly Excellent Collection of Images

Iowa (6.7.2005)
"With Its Tax Incentive System, Iowa Taxes Its Existing Businesses to Lure and Subsidize Their Competitors"
The same argument against "economic development incentives" has been made here

News (6.7.2005)
Assessing Yushchenko's First 100 Days