Gongol.com Archives: June 2005
Brian Gongol

Water News (6.20.2005)
Drought Still On, But Heavy Rains Are Improving Conditions in Nebraska
Short water supplies are in fact a significant impediment to economic growth in Nebraska and other states. Both the potable and wastewater sides of the equation are going to require lots of investment: An estimated $1.4 billion in Nebraska alone, says the EPA. Iowa needs $3.5 billion over the next 20 years.

Broadcasting (6.20.2005)
How Conventional Mass Media Have Gotten Themselves into Trouble

Iowa (6.20.2005)
About Half of All Acres in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska Use Conservation Tillage
Primarily a soil-erosion and water-conservation method of farming; it's what keeps the Dust Bowl from happening again

The United States of America (6.20.2005)
Debunking September 11th Myths
Occam's Razor: When two competing theories exist to explain the same result, one should choose the simpler theory. Conspiracy theories are rarely simple.

We All Need a Little Humor (6.20.2005)
There Are Hog Farms in Israel

The American Way (6.20.2005)
Success of California Toll Roads Influences Rest of Country
It's no wonder that toll roads are successful -- it's only a wonder that people are shocked when they work. Why anyone is surprised that a $75-an-hour attorney would pay $7 to save a half an hour's worth of commute time is evidence that the schools aren't teaching squat for economic common sense.

The United States of America (6.20.2005)
Five Big Economic Threats to the United States
Pension underfunding, public debt, overbuilding in hazard-prone areas, retirement savings and Social Security, and energy

We All Need a Little Humor (6.20.2005)
World's Wittiest Judge
Justice displays both a brain and a sense of humor -- would that those would become contagious throughout the justice system. In fact, he's even funnier than the legal humorist the bar association's magazine has on staff. He has a counterpart, though, who made the brilliant declaration, "Liberty - the freedom from unwarranted intrusion by government - is as easily lost through insistent nibbles by government officials who seek to do their jobs too well as by those whose purpose it is to oppress; the piranha can be as deadly as the shark."