Gongol.com Archives: June 2005
Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (6.30.2005)
If the Gettysburg Address Had Been a PowerPoint Presentation
If you weren't convinced before that PowerPoint can turn any intelligent thought into mush, this reductio ad absurdum proof will do it.

Business and Finance (6.30.2005)
Rising Rent Prices Making Prince Charles Richer

Business and Finance (6.30.2005)
Money Won't Stay Cheap for Long
Fed rates now back to 2001 levels. They're still probably too low, but when rates are under 2%, the Fed has practically no ability to influence monetary conditions.

The American Way (6.30.2005)
President Bush Promises More Aid to Africa
Says they also need good government and free trade, which is an absolutely correct analysis of the debt and poverty situation. Just because today's debt is forgiven doesn't mean that corrupt or incompetent politicians won't do the same thing all over again.

News (6.30.2005)
How Britain Plans to Run the EU
6-month presidency starts July 1

Threats to Western Civilization (6.30.2005)
Iran's New President Praises "Guardian Council"
Not a particularly favorable sign: The new president is reputed in the international media to be a hardline conservative, and he's pushing all of the scary buttons by praising the council that has a habit of kicking liberals and reformers out of elections. Iran's state propaganda agency copied (and apparently endorsed) an article from a Russian source saying in part, "[T]he Iranian people have swung the country in a pendulum-like manner back to a more government-controlled economy," and otherwise criticizing outgoing president Khatami for his supposedly liberal reforms. Not a pretty picture. Simultaneously, Iran is talking about expanding its cooperation with African countries, which raises the stakes for the UK's policy of engagement with Africa -- a policy which runs in parallel with what should be the US's chief international priority: engagement with Latin America. Related: A rather vigorous argument is being put forward making the case that the new president may have been involved with the US embassy hostage takings of the Carter era. Five former hostages think they recognize Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.