Gongol.com Archives: July 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (7.9.2005)
Blair: Security Alone Can't Stop Terrorism

Socialism Doesn't Work (7.9.2005)
Communists, Reformers Get Into Fistfight Over WTO in Ukranian Parliament

Water News (7.9.2005)
Illinois in Significant Drought
Some parts 56% below normal for rainfall

Business and Finance (7.9.2005)
Indian Casinos to Collaborate on "Intelligence Network" to Fight Crime
The market takes care of itself once again

Business and Finance (7.9.2005)
Fuel Subsidy Leads to Widespread Shortages in Indonesia
Vice president calls it the biggest socialist economy in the world. 27% of government spending is on the subsidy. Basic economics tells you that when a product is subsidized below its market price, people will tend to consume too much

The American Way (7.9.2005)
Man Who Runs Las Vegas Sands Casino Wants to Create "Asia's Las Vegas" in Macau
Macau is an even smaller version of Hong Kong

Socialism Doesn't Work (7.9.2005)
China Trying to Butter Up African Countries
More reason for the UK to aggressively pursue its alignment strategy with Africa

Socialism Doesn't Work (7.9.2005)
Man Collects 30,000 Badges of Chairman Mao
Funny how Communists, who supposedly revile capitalism, have long been incredibly dedicated to the use of marketing techniques in spreading propaganda

Weather and Disasters (7.9.2005)
Pensacola Expects Near-Direct Hit by Hurricane Dennis
Now a Category Four hurricane, it's supposed to hit Florida about where Ivan landed last year. Still no explanation why in the world there are still shortages of portable generators in anticipation of hurricanes -- if you live in Florida, you're going to be hit sooner or later. Why not buy and learn to use the generator well in advance? Isn't that like an Iowan not learning where the storm cellar is until the tornado is actually in sight?