Gongol.com Archives: July 2005
Brian Gongol

Socialism Doesn't Work (7.11.2005)
Newspaper Readers Complain About Michelle Wie Photos
Determined people can find "prurient exploitation" anywhere. It's just a golfer with a backswing. Big deal.

The American Way (7.11.2005)
July 11, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists
Especially including: A lamentation on flying cars, the premium paid for hybrid cars, how quality matters (related to a previous item here on pride in your work), thoughts on corporate identity, the best economy in Africa, why certified letters are the only way to go for important documents, how mobile phones and digital cameras documented the London attacks, the relationship between India and the English language, and how environmentally-friendly wind power kills birds.

Business and Finance (7.11.2005)
AMD Sues Intel Over Antitrust
Full complaint details Intel's monopolistic behaviors (with summary), including exclusive contracts with OEM's, punitive rebate structures, and manipulation of marketing strategies. A very solid complaint under the Clayton Anti-Trust Act.

The United States of America (7.11.2005)
Salt Lake City -- About Size of Des Moines -- Shrinking, and No One Can Figure Out Why
City council wants to encourage a 25,000-person development to fix the shrinkage

Business and Finance (7.11.2005)
San Diego's Housing Bubble Leaves Average Homeowner $300,000 Richer Than Five Years Ago
Median home price $488,000 over a median household income of $63,400. 82% of new loans there are ARM's.

Science and Technology (7.11.2005)
How Bilingualism Takes Root in Young Children

Iowa (7.11.2005)
New Techniques, Competitive Market Lead to Farming on Old Grasslands
Competition for farm and grasslands in South Dakota increasing as farming techniques improve and other demands for the land emerge (as for private hunting grounds). Result: Less grassland for grazing cattle and wildlife (like ducks). How much is duck-land worth? How much of a claim does anyone have to "the land"? Aren't better drought-tolerant crops a blessing rather than a curse? What about our much-vaunted "food security" worries?

Aviation News (7.11.2005)
Next Shuttle Launch Scheduled for Wednesday
How long does the country intend to depend on government alone to handle space exploration? What's coming for the period when the Shuttles are retired, but the Space Station is unfinished? How much is it reasonable to spend on government space exploration when we have huge budget deficits? Could the same discoveries be made using inducement prizes?

News (7.11.2005)
Law of Unintended Consequences
Tennessee law requiring parole hearings every six years for every eligible inmate means victims may have to encounter their attackers much more often than they should have to

Iowa (7.11.2005)
National Governors Association to Meet in Des Moines This Week

Science and Technology (7.11.2005)
The Risk in Crossing the Street
Estimates of personal risk due to ordinary things. Poisoning in the home is much more deadly than tornadoes are.

Computers and the Internet (7.11.2005)
Only 1 in 3 US Users of Windows XP Has Upgraded to Service Pack 2
If you haven't, you're way behind