Gongol.com Archives: July 2005
Brian Gongol

Agriculture (7.29.2005)
Increased Grazing Results in Lower Carbon Loss

Health (7.29.2005)
USDA Out with New Food-Search Tool

Health (7.29.2005)
Americans Don't Eat Enough Whole Grains
Women's heart study showed higher intake of oatmeal, barley, bran slows atherosclerosis

Computers and the Internet (7.29.2005)
President Eisenhower and Google Earth
On the disparity between the world of 1955, in which Ike proposed an open-skies monitoring agreement with the Soviets, and today's universal access to satellite imagery

Socialism Doesn't Work (7.29.2005)
The Only Good Thing People Can Say About the Economy in Cuba: It's Better than in 1959
What a ringing endorsement

The United States of America (7.29.2005)
American Indian Leaders Don't Like Supreme Court Nominee

Weather and Disasters (7.29.2005)
About 900 People Killed in India by Monsoon
Something to keep in mind next time someone mindlessly criticizes the pursuit of economic growth: The US has major rainstorms, too, but 900 people don't die when it happens.

Aviation News (7.29.2005)
Tennessee Firm Says It Fully Tested Shuttle Foam
Says it's not at fault for the foam debris from the latest launch

The United States of America (7.29.2005)
Small Victory for Federalism in Congressional Meth Bill
Federal law won't supercede state laws, if the state laws are tougher. The whole thing is a bit questionable, since it restricts sale of pseudoephedrine, which some people need to protect themselves from food allergies and which they might not now be able to get on short notice due to the law's restrictions on sale. Related: Federalism may be taking a step backwards in the new energy bill.

Threats to Western Civilization (7.29.2005)
British Cops Say They Have Three of the Four Bombers from the July 21st Incidents

Water News (7.29.2005)
Vegas is Dry as a Bone and Getting Drier
The problem isn't the water display in front of the Bellagio...it's the 6,000 people a month moving into town

We All Need a Little Humor (7.29.2005)
Hilarious Criticisms of "Art Fair Hideousities"
There's even a part two

Science and Technology (7.29.2005)
Japanese Professor Wants to Fool You into Believing His Robot is Really a Woman