Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (8.17.2005)
Fascinating Analysis of Al Qaeda's Seven-Step Program to Take Over the World
The summary should be required reading

Agriculture (8.17.2005)
Climate and Crop Growth

We All Need a Little Humor (8.17.2005)
Senior Citizens Appoint Selves Chastity Police for Teenagers on Vacation
One can only hope their slogan is catchier in its native Korean than in English: "Lose your virginity in a moment's carelessness and immoderate merrymaking, regret it for the rest of your life."

News (8.17.2005)
Gaza Withdrawal Exposes Identity Problem: Are They Jews First, or Israelis First?

Computers and the Internet (8.17.2005)
Warcraft Addicts Let Their Daughter Die While They Play Marathon Session of Computer Game

News (8.17.2005)
Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes for WWII

Computers and the Internet (8.17.2005)
Samsung Introducing Affordable 20" Flat Panel Monitor

Socialism Doesn't Work (8.17.2005)
Canada's Much-Vaunted Publicly-Funded Health System Not So Publicly-Funded

The American Way (8.17.2005)
For Money to Buy Happiness, You Need to Have Poor Friends
Study finds it's not actual wealth but relative wealth that boosts apparent happiness. But that only holds true (if it does at all) on a cross-sectional basis. Clearly we should be happier today than our ancestors, who lived in sod houses and tenements and lost children to tuberculosis and smallpox.

Computers and the Internet (8.17.2005)
A Little Pavlov with Your E-Mail
Companies training their employees not to open phishing e-mails by sending them fake phishing attacks, then chastising them for entering secure data if they follow.

Computers and the Internet (8.17.2005)
Computer Worm Sends News Organizations Back to Typewriter Days
Targeted Windows 2000. CNN, ABC, New York Times all hit.