Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (8.18.2005)
How Today's Terrorists are Simply Successors to Yesterday's Anarchists

We All Need a Little Humor (8.18.2005)
More of the Funniest Reporting Ever
With a digital camera and a sense of humor, the socialist youth festival in Venezuela becomes ripe food for laughs

News (8.18.2005)
Saudis Kill Another Al Qaeda Leader

Broadcasting (8.18.2005)
Canadian Union in a Tizzy Over BBC Broadcasts on CBC Airwaves
Big nasty fight between CBC union and management means most CBC programming is off the air. CBC is filling the time with content from the BBC. The Canadian union says that makes BBC anti-union, and the BBC's own unions are upset. The BBC had its own labor troubles earlier this year.

Health (8.18.2005)
Scary Forecast if Bird Flu Goes Pandemic

Computers and the Internet (8.18.2005)
Update Adobe Acrobat Reader
Buffer overflow vulnerability could lead to attacks

Science and Technology (8.18.2005)
Expect New Nuclear Power Plants by 2015

Socialism Doesn't Work (8.18.2005)
Britain's Absurd New Rules on Alcohol Advertising
Ads now have to use fat, ugly men because the use of good-looking guys with hot women suggests "that the drink may bring sexual/social success." Who's writing these rules? Are they stuck in some hermetically-sealed container with no access to oxygen? If you've never seen alcohol consumption lead to sexual encounters, then you clearly live on Mars.

Computers and the Internet (8.18.2005)
11 New Worm Variants Released Since Sunday
Three different groups of virus-writers are behind them