Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Agriculture (8.23.2005)
Genetically-Modified Rice: Only Hope for Feeding World
Genetic modifications can increase yields and reduce chemical waste

The American Way (8.23.2005)
How Poland Needs to Vote to Stay Economically Free

Socialism Doesn't Work (8.23.2005)
Pat Robertson Wants Hugo Chavez Whacked
The unfortunate unintended consequence is that it may just reinforce the bunker mentality upon which an autocrat like Chavez depends. Chavez is definitely a proto-socialist, but you'd think policy wonks like Robertson might take a clue from the eternally-unsuccessful embargo of Cuba that guys like Castro and Chavez have a way of not fading away just because we don't like them.

The American Way (8.23.2005)
Teller's Take on Frank Lloyd Wright
There's a mountain of Wright material on the Internet: A PBS documentary, an exhbit at the Library of Congress, essays on Wright's plans for suburbia, even a listing of all Frank Lloyd Wright homes for sale. One Wright site does a very nice job with the HC Price Company Tower which took "prairie style" to a whole new level (a 221' office tower on the Oklahoma plains).