Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Aviation News (8.27.2005)
Next Generation of UAV's Changes Shape in Mid-Flight

Science and Technology (8.27.2005)
Aging Gene May Have Been Found in Mice

Computers and the Internet (8.27.2005)
Google Updates Search Tool, Gives Away Free IM Program
One might start to wonder exactly what they're up to...other than their long-standing plan to rule the world's information. They're also trying to butter up web developers.

Science and Technology (8.27.2005)
Swiss Study Says Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels Don't Make Trees Grow Faster
They just "breathe" faster

Science and Technology (8.27.2005)
Earth's Core Rotates Just a Little Faster than the Crust
One extra rotation every 900 years

Weather and Disasters (8.27.2005)
Underwater Structures Channeled Energy from Tsunami
Caused bigger waves in Mexico than on islands near the epicenter

Science and Technology (8.27.2005)
Automatic Climbing Rope Going Into Production
Like the James Bond grappling hook you throw on top of a building and ride up

Computers and the Internet (8.27.2005)
Suspects Behind August Worm Attacks Arrested
In Morocco and Turkey

Computers and the Internet (8.27.2005)
Corporate Weblogs Could Get Companies into Trouble
Private information on, for instance, financials for a publicly-traded firm could result in big liabilities

Health (8.27.2005)
Rumors and Bad News Reporting Can Kill
Polio spreading in Indonesia partly because television news reports said vaccine was killing children. It wasn't.

Business and Finance (8.27.2005)
Greenspan Thinks Long-Term Interest Rates Could Pound the Economy
Pigou's wealth effect -- people feeling richer when their assets rise in value, and spending more as a result -- strikes again.