Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Weather and Disasters (8.28.2005)
Apocalyptic Forecasts for Hurricane Katrina
Weather Service says most of New Orleans to be "uninhabitable for weeks," wishes anyone sticking around "Good luck and Godspeed"

Iowa (8.28.2005)
Waterloo, Cedar Falls Considering Combining Chambers of Commerce

Iowa (8.28.2005)
U of Iowa to Have "Year of Public Engagement"
How about starting with better ways of putting people through grad school?

Broadcasting (8.28.2005)
Channel 5 Back in 6 O'Clock News Game

Weather and Disasters (8.28.2005)
The End Is Nigh for New Orleans
Category 5 hurricane set for direct hit in the city. Mandatory evacuation, with huge number of people taking shelter at the Superdome.

Socialism Doesn't Work (8.28.2005)
Moribund Governments Are Characterized by their Language
North Korea's propaganda arm prattles on about an "independent world", "destiny", and "imperialists". They're too busy writing this tripe to feed their people.

The United States of America (8.28.2005)
Republicans May Be On Verge of Acting Like Fiscal Conservatives Again
Cuts to Medicaid, farm subsidies, student loans, pension guarantees all on the docket. It's not a matter of being cruel to those groups, but rather one of putting an end to the current outrageous spending spree. Of course, they're only going to trim $10 billion from a much larger budget. The situation is out of control. It doesn't help that we're concentrating huge growth in places like Arizona, where the infrastructure costs alone are killers. Meanwhile, Republicans get into intra-party squabbles instead of acting like people who can manage a dollar.