Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

Weather and Disasters (8.30.2005)
800 Tons of Concrete May or May Not Be Enough
The effort to try anything to save New Orleans continues, but the looting is out of control. It's already clear Louisiana failed to prepare for something like this.

Weather and Disasters (8.30.2005)
30,000 People Now Waiting at Superdome
Widespread looting in New Orleans. More than half a million people are without power in Alabama. Talk is spreading of a regional, if not national, fuel shortage. A single runway has been reopened for emergency airlifts into New Orleans International. Now the governor is talking about a complete, month-long evacuation.

Aviation News (8.30.2005)
Runway Layouts of the 100 Largest US Airports

Computers and the Internet (8.30.2005)
A Talk with a Worm Writer
Criminals just in it for the money

Weather and Disasters (8.30.2005)
Downtown Mobile, Alabama Flooded

Computers and the Internet (8.30.2005)
One More Critical Error in Internet Explorer
Another reason to get a different browser

Weather and Disasters (8.30.2005)
Levee Failures Put 80% of New Orleans Under Water