Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (9.8.2005)
UN Says It Will Take Century for India to Fully Develop

Socialism Doesn't Work (9.8.2005)
Ungrateful UN Wants to Get Rid of Thatcher Legacy in UK

Agriculture (9.8.2005)
Best Way to Water Trees

Socialism Doesn't Work (9.8.2005)
Idiots Back Out of Restaurant Lease, Claiming Building is "Haunted"
More real costs of pseudoscience. No one should expect anyone else to carry the burden of their stupidity.

News (9.8.2005)
Drunken Groom Punches Bride, Fires Gun
It would be strange enough had he only planned to drive himself home from his wedding reception, but punching the bride really tips this over the edge into bizarre. But that's not enough: The guy carried a gun to his own wedding. What kind of lunatic carries a gun to his own wedding?

The United States of America (9.8.2005)
Why Would Anyone Live in New York City?
Man stabs a 10-month-old baby in a stroller. Another goes to prison for pimping a 14-year-old. What a dump.

The American Way (9.8.2005)
Spokesperson for Czech President: Keep the EU Out
Compares EU to Soviet Union, puts up a sign in front of his house saying EU doesn't extend to his property. Have to love a sense of humor like that.

Threats to Western Civilization (9.8.2005)
UN Warns Poverty Has Gotten Worse in Last 15 Years
Unfortunately, the UN's plans are usually the wrong prescription. What the poor need are market economies under the rule of law -- and that "rule of law" part isn't just an empty platitude. Corruption can ruin even the most likely transition to a market economy. But what the UN usually does involves massive subsidies for big projects that don't make sense. Contrast big dam projects funded by the World Bank, for instance, with the radically successful Grameen Bank micro-lending program. The UN can't fix the problem if it keeps using the wrong approach.

Weather and Disasters (9.8.2005)
New Orleans Flood Waters Dangerously Toxic

News (9.8.2005)
Egypt Gets Its First Presidential Election
It's 2005 and some places are having their first real elections ever