Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Agriculture (9.9.2005)
Possible Link Between Ag Antibiotics and Drug-Resistant Bugs on the Farm

Agriculture (9.9.2005)
An Irony Requiring Attention: Sorghum, Which Requires Practically No Irrigation, Declining in Popularity
29% decline in planted acres in Nebraska since last year. Can't last, since water rights and shortages are going to persist, forcing the question. The limited demand creates a limited market that could possibly be fixed by further research.

Water News (9.9.2005)
Growing Interest in Wastewater Digesters
Methane recovery from wastewater using floating lagoon covers is looking better all the time as natural-gas prices rise

The United States of America (9.9.2005)
Before 2003, There Were No Indoor Water Parks South of Missouri

Computers and the Internet (9.9.2005)
Firefox Security Hole Discovered
Remedy not quite as serious as the "Stop using Internet Explorer" warning of last month, but it's pretty serious. July wasn't a good month for Firefox, which failed to expand its market share over June.

Water News (9.9.2005)
EU Hit By Drought, Just Like Midwestern US

News (9.9.2005)
Nebraska Town Practices for Biohazard Event Using Skittles and Purple Stickers
At least they're practicing so they know what to do in an emergency, unlike the leadership in Louisiana

Water News (9.9.2005)
Ethanol Production to Double in Next Seven Years
Will represent a huge redistribution of water resources from the Midwest to other parts of the country

Water News (9.9.2005)
$50,000 Fine for Manure Spill in Audubon County

Iowa (9.9.2005)
USA Today Tries to Figure Out What Makes Omaha Attractive
Omaha and Des Moines are like rival siblings; too much alike for the rivalry to really take hold

The American Way (9.9.2005)
Midwestern States Fundamentally Dependent Upon Trade

Water News (9.9.2005)
Correcting Water Over-Use in Nebraska Will Remove 150,000 Acres from Crop Production

Science and Technology (9.9.2005)
Iowa Company Develops Hybrid Gas/Hydrogen Engine

Iowa (9.9.2005)
Des Moines Plans to Annex 6,000 Acres on South and Northeast Sides
That's almost 9.4 square miles

Water News (9.9.2005)
LD McMullen Says Weeks or Months Until New Orleans Can Recover its Water System
He should know; McMullen ran the Des Moines Water Works during the Floods of 1993, when Des Moines was the first major American city to ever lose municipal water service. That makes him just about the only person in America with the experience that New Orleans is going to need right now.

Weather and Disasters (9.9.2005)
Katrina Toll on Animals Oddly Helps Put Disaster in Perspective
Photo album of domesticated animals hurt and killed by hurricane and flooding helps illustrate just how bad the situation is in such a large area. Photos of animals suffering curiously helps punctuate the endless coverage of everything else about the disaster and infuses the human loss with new meaning.

Weather and Disasters (9.9.2005)
Where Will They Put Katrina Debris?
Huge number of buildings in New Orleans will have to be leveled due to the damage. Industrial and organic waste is everywhere. So what do you do with that much debris?