Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (9.17.2005)
Gates Doesn't Think Google's a Threat
He's busy planning a $100 million marketing campaign for the next generation of Windows

News (9.17.2005)
Tony Blair Tells UN to Grow Up

Computers and the Internet (9.17.2005)
Nintendo Plans a One-Handed Joystick
Could be used to mimic actions of a baseball bad, sword, or racket

Science and Technology (9.17.2005)
Private Firm Wants to Open Human Settlement on Mars in 20 Years
The private sector often does a great job achieving cutting-edge goals. The people behind the project say it's a way to cover the worst-case scenario: Continuing human life, even if everything goes wrong on Earth.

Computers and the Internet (9.17.2005)
Good Morning! Here's Your Daily Internet Explorer Security Hole.

Business and Finance (9.17.2005)
Microsoft's Sheer Size Could Be Interfering with Growth, Employee Happiness
Ultra-large businesses often -- if not usually -- fail in the long run

Health (9.17.2005)
Fat Workers Cost Employers $2,500 a Year
Higher health-care costs, more sick days.

Health (9.17.2005)
Clinical Trials on Bird Flu Vaccine Underway
Answers -- possibly -- by December. If a pandemic hits before then, 200,000 Americans could die.