Gongol.com Archives: September 2005
Brian Gongol

News (9.18.2005)
18-Year-Old Steals Car With Owner on the Hood
Victim held on until the crook crashed into a bridge

Business and Finance (9.18.2005)
New Local Banks Growing in Des Moines

Iowa (9.18.2005)
MidAmerican Says Natural Gas Prices Will Spike By 40% This Winter
Diesel prices are up 50%

Health (9.18.2005)
Whooping Cough Postpones Iowa High School Football Game

Business and Finance (9.18.2005)
Newspapers Waking Up to Internet...About Seven Years Late

The United States of America (9.18.2005)
Talk of Regularly Deploying Armed Forces to Major Disasters a Very Bad Idea
Bad idea -- focus on keeping the military sharp at fighting foreign foes. If we need a domestic cleanup-and-recovery service, then form one.

News (9.18.2005)
Elections in Afghanistan: A Big Step Forward
The sheer logistics of an election in a nation with a high illiteracy rate are astonishing

Health (9.18.2005)
New Orleans's Mayor: Too Slow to Evacuate, Too Fast to Rush People Back
Public health experts say the city just plain doesn't have a health-system infrastructure anymore

Socialism Doesn't Work (9.18.2005)
What Do You Do With an Empty Stadium?
What? Sports teams sometimes leave town? Even when the city or county government paid for the stadium? Really? So, maybe people should be skeptical of any plan to finance sports facilities with tax dollars?

News (9.18.2005)
German Vote Splits Right Down the Middle

We All Need a Little Humor (9.18.2005)
Kid Tired of High Gas Prices Rides His Horse to School Instead

The American Way (9.18.2005)
Wealthy Alberta Doesn't Want to Share With the Rest of Canada
And why should they?

Business and Finance (9.18.2005)
Lack of Economic Freedom Screws Up Mexico
(Spanish) Economic freedom is a big driver of prosperity

News (9.18.2005)
50% College Dropout Rate Bothers South Africa
About the same dropout rate from the start of school the end of secondary school. Economies can't survive on that.

Socialism Doesn't Work (9.18.2005)
Communists: "We're Going on Strike." Everyone Else: "Who Cares?"
"Little impact" reported after day-long walkout in Bangladesh

Weather and Disasters (9.18.2005)
Floods and Power Outages
Not New Orleans -- the Philippines

News (9.18.2005)
Protests in Korea About Statue of MacArthur Could Backfire
South Korea's president complains about imperialism to the UN, but that seems to ignore the importance of stability to Korea's prosperity

News (9.18.2005)
Mubarak Says "Pursuit of Reforms is Irrevocable" in Egypt
Won re-election, though it was the first halfway legitimate election he's had