Gongol.com Archives: October 2005
Brian Gongol

Business and Finance (10.3.2005)
The Purpose of Advertising is Product or Service Differentiation
The greater your capacity to create the perception of a monopoly, the more you can charge

Science and Technology (10.3.2005)
Using Robots for Security
Old friend Andrew Drenner makes a TV appearance with the Scout

Broadcasting (10.3.2005)
TV Science Clips
Including Mr. Wizard and James Burke

Health (10.3.2005)
Human Plastination
Process turns cadavers into permanently-preserved specimens that keep lifelike color. Then they go on display in a museum.

The American Way (10.3.2005)
A Brief History of Advertising in America
Online archive includes a gem of anti-Communist propaganda and links to other archives of advertising

Health (10.3.2005)
Having Clowns Around Calms Surgery-Bound Kids
But it drives the doctors nuts. No, seriously: "[T]he resistance of medical personnel make it very difficult to insert this program in the activity of the operating room." A nervous kid is probably better than a honked-off surgeon.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.3.2005)
Who Knew Candidates for Louisiana State Commissioner of Agriculture Needed Campaign Jingles?
It's almost worthy of a dare: Listen to Bob Odom's campaign jingle and try to keep a straight face

The United States of America (10.3.2005)
President Bush and Team: "Nixon Republicans"
Related: Even the Washington Post realizes that reckless spending doesn't solve problems

News (10.3.2005)
Austria the Primary Objector to Letting Turkey into the EU
There's something surreal about two countries that used to seat major empires now in a squabble about whether they can be partners in a bureaucratic nightmare

Computers and the Internet (10.3.2005)
The Two-Pound Laptop: What's the Point?
Either have a powerful, useful full-sized laptop, or go to a true handheld. The middle ground just doesn't serve much use.

The American Way (10.3.2005)
October 3, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists
Some of the best: How Air America Radio is a textbook case of a business in trouble, a strong list of good business practices, the very disappointing loss of the Palm OS, how economic growth could pay for Katrina cleanup, the problem with water pricing, some thinking on gasoline prices, the problem with slogans at McDonald's, and reports on tests for a space elevator.

Business and Finance (10.3.2005)
How Local News Can Save a Newspaper
Tim Porter nails it: Compelling local coverage makes all the difference

Business and Finance (10.3.2005)
Great-Looking Tabloid Gets the Axe
The demise of "The Patriot" follows only a few months after its launch.