Gongol.com Archives: October 2005
Brian Gongol

Weather and Disasters (10.9.2005)
The Big Question: Are Katrina Evacuees Going Home, Or Are They Permanently Staying Wherever They Went?

Weather and Disasters (10.9.2005)
New Orleans Not the Only American City in a Bad Location
Billings, Montana, as it turns out, is in a lousy spot for bad weather

The United States of America (10.9.2005)
San Diego's City Finances "Like a Third-World Mess"
When things are bad in good times, where's the reserve for unforeseen disasters?

Health (10.9.2005)
Kids Prefer Life-Skill PE to Conventional Games
Program emphasizing activities like bike-riding helped fat kids slim down

Socialism Doesn't Work (10.9.2005)
Dealing with Under-Used Publicly-Funded Stadiums

Broadcasting (10.9.2005)
Math Group Happy with CBS Show "Numbers"
Pleased that mathematicians are represented as "real human beings". Now if only the supposed "economist" President Bartlet in the West Wing weren't an economic idiot.

Socialism Doesn't Work (10.9.2005)
Economic-Development Incentives: Now Robbing Eastern Half of One State to Subsidize the Western Half
Tennessee gives big incentives to Carrier to expand plant in western half of state to "create" 300 jobs...but the company fired 800 others in the eastern half

The United States of America (10.9.2005)
Utah Governor Says the Sensible Thing About Immigration
Gov. Huntsman: "I think the emotion of the issues exceeds the reality"

Socialism Doesn't Work (10.9.2005)
Whistle-Blowers in Denver City Government Afraid of Repercussions
Systems for fighting corruption become very difficult to maintain as organizations grow larger

The American Way (10.9.2005)
DARPA Offers $2 Million Prize to Drive a Robot Across the Desert
Winner appears to be a Volkswagen robot designed at Stanford. Course includes dirt roads and dry lake beds, and was kept a secret until just before the race. Inducement prizes are just about the best way for the public sector (and individuals) to finance rapid research and development.

Weather and Disasters (10.9.2005)
Quake in Pakistan Kills 19,000
Magnitude 7.6; 43,000 injured

The American Way (10.9.2005)
How Education Influences Earnings in Japan, South Korea, US

Aviation News (10.9.2005)
Uh...Bob? How About a Go-Around?
(Video) Korean 747 tries to land sideways