Gongol.com Archives: October 2005
Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (10.11.2005)
Burglar Makes Two Big Mistakes at Check-Cashing Joint
First, make sure they actually keep money on the premises after hours. Second, wear pants.

News (10.11.2005)
Married-Priest Debate Openly Being Discussed at Vatican Meeting

Threats to Western Civilization (10.11.2005)
First Arrest in Recent Bali Bombings

Health (10.11.2005)
45,000 Birds to be Killed in Romania Over Bird Flu Scare

The United States of America (10.11.2005)
Daylight-Saving Time Ends October 30
DST is an annoyance, though the proposal to replace it with two giant time zones, two hours apart, would just annoy everyone in the middle of the country

Science and Technology (10.11.2005)
Swiss Re on Nanotechnology
Concerned that they don't have a way to project the risks of very small particles. Doesn't make them harmful, but it does reduce their ability to forecast the potential risks.

Agriculture (10.11.2005)
World Food Prize Laureate Improved Aquaculture
If the poor can raise more fish, they can move beyond subsistence and into surplus. As they achieve surplus, they can sell for a profit. With profits, they can afford medicine and education. With medicine and education, they can move out of poverty. Winner Modadugu Gupta also wins special praise for doing it outside the scope of government. He's certainly done more good for the world than the misguided souls (link not exactly safe for work) who think they're saving the world by getting naked.

Election 2008 (10.11.2005)
The Dangers of Government Regulation of Online Political Speech
Interview with an FEC commissioner about McCain-Feingold

Science and Technology (10.11.2005)
Applying Market Thinking to Big Questions
Internal futures markets, open-source software, and an open business experiment are all examples of technology-leveraged tools that convert lots of people's small ideas into very successful large ones

Computers and the Internet (10.11.2005)
Using XML to Capture Terrorists
Flexible technology for managing data allows counter-terrorism analysts to review all kinds of data (phone taps, bank statements, intercepted letters) all in one place.

The American Way (10.11.2005)
Japan's Postal-Privatization Bill Approved by Lower House
It's not just the postal service, it's also the country's biggest bank

Business and Finance (10.11.2005)
A Case for Proximity Theory: Most Auto-Parts Suppliers Within a Day's Drive of Auto Plants

News (10.11.2005)
Should Journalists Stop Trusting the Audience?
Some journalists lie, and much of the audience is fickle. What happens when the audience becomes the media?

Science and Technology (10.11.2005)
Intelligent Design: Reductio ad Absurdum

Health (10.11.2005)
Most Americans Aren't Getting Their Vitamins
Most-missed nutrients: Vitamin E, Magnesium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C