Gongol.com Archives: October 2005
Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (10.17.2005)
"We Want to Prove that Video Games Can Be Serious and Deal with Meaningful Issues"
Sorry, but Duke Nukem and Grand Theft Auto will always be more entertaining than UN FeedTheWorld 2.0

Computers and the Internet (10.17.2005)
AMD Launching Internet Computer for Dummies

Science and Technology (10.17.2005)
Could You Build a City on One Major Axis?

Business and Finance (10.17.2005)
How Often Do Stores Really Change Prices?
All the time, it turns out -- at least in the grocery store. But less intuitively, the longer it's been since an individual price has changed, the less likely it is to change soon. In other words, a small number of goods change prices all the time.

Computers and the Internet (10.17.2005)
Security Hole in MySpace Allowed Kid Hacker to Pull Big Stunt
Wrote a worm to boost his ratings in the online community

Business and Finance (10.17.2005)
Why Governments Separate Operating and Capital Budgets

Broadcasting (10.17.2005)
Worst Television News Theme Song in History
1947 called. They want their nostalgia back.

Iowa (10.17.2005)
Idiots Set Fires to Buildings on UNI Campus
Lang, Baker, and Gilchrist hit over Homecoming. Passerby "saved the building" by knocking out fire at Baker.