Gongol.com Archives: November 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (11.14.2005)
November 14, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists

Business and Finance (11.14.2005)
Logo RIP
The graveyard for company logos

Aviation News (11.14.2005)
Airline Call Signs
Comprehensive listing of names like "Speedbird" (British Airways) and other confusion-reducing nicknames

Weather and Disasters (11.14.2005)
FEMA Using Satellite Photos, Other Technology to Skip House-By-House Inspections Prior to Cutting Relief Checks

The United States of America (11.14.2005)
Court Says DC Can't Tax Commuters without Congressional Approval
Washington city officials wanted to recoup some of the costs imposed by the movement of 300,000 commuters in and out of the city each day

The United States of America (11.14.2005)
Embarrassment Over the Highway Bill
So much unnecessary spending when the country's already in debt