Gongol.com Archives: November 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (11.26.2005)
UNICEF Report Says 115 Million Children Not in School
Majority are girls; gender discrimination gets the blame

Broadcasting (11.26.2005)
Lewis Black on the Weather Channel

News (11.26.2005)
Post-Traumatic Stress -- Inverted

News (11.26.2005)
Congress Considering Bill to Put Pseudoephedrine Drugs in Special Category
Cold medicine becomes a controlled substance because it can be used to make meth; some states (like Iowa) have already reclassified Sudafed and family

Business and Finance (11.26.2005)
Los Angeles No Longer the West Coast's Glamour Capital
Las Vegas pulling Broadway shows, expensive food, top chefs -- even toilet paper -- away from the LA market

The United States of America (11.26.2005)
Correspondence School Appears to Help High-School Students Cheat Way into College
Grade inflation from a non-accredited school

News (11.26.2005)
Poland to Pull Troops Out of Iraq By Mid-2006
Says security situation has improved enough to justify the departure

Health (11.26.2005)
British Survey Finds Grocery Stores Promote Unhealthy Foods Twice as Often as Healthy Foods

The American Way (11.26.2005)
World Bank Cartoon Books Used to Encourage Deregulation in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Comics used to illustrate how regulations hurt the average Joe and to portray entrepreneurs as people whose risk-taking improved the lives of others

Aviation News (11.26.2005)
Crazy Tycoon Takes Hot Air Balloon to 69,000 Feet
Three hours to go up in a pressurized cabin; about two hours to return to earth

Socialism Doesn't Work (11.26.2005)
Personal Weblogs Driving Chinese Government Nuts
They intimidate ISPs and seek to censor. One billion people deserve to be free.

Computers and the Internet (11.26.2005)
UK Government Agency Says Foreign Countries Launching Trojan Horse E-Mail Attacks are Biggest Threat to Britain

Business and Finance (11.26.2005)
Higher Energy Prices a $150 Billion Drain on Consumer Spending
Retailers are hoping for big holiday sales, since it's the only way to make for a profitable year. And when people return to work after the long weekend, it's "Cyber Monday", as they use high-speed Internet connections at work to start holiday shopping online. One estimate suggests a 24% increase in online sales over last year.

Health (11.26.2005)
Man Survives 28 Heart Attacks in One Day
Five on the ride to the hospital, then 23 once he got there. Defibrillators brought him back every time.