Gongol.com Archives: December 2005
Brian Gongol

News (2005.12.01)
What it Takes to Become an Expert
Time, training, and intentional practice (from Mahalanobis)

Computers and the Internet (2005.12.01)
Judge Rules BlackBerry Company Has to Pay $2 Billion to Keep Service On
BlackBerry's parent company lost a big suit over patents

Threats and Dangers (2005.12.01)
Israel Makes Thinly-Veiled Threats About Iran's Nuclear Program

Computers and the Internet (2005.12.01)
Firefox 1.5 Released

We All Need a Little Humor (2005.12.01)
Volvos Are Built to be Extra-Safe Because of Moose Collisions

The American Way (2005.12.01)
Protesting Censorship
Polish newspapers protest censorship in neighboring Belarus by blacking out their own front pages

Business and Finance (2005.12.01)
Julia Roberts the Top-Earning Woman in Hollywood

Broadcasting (2005.12.01)
France Plans to Launch CNN Rival in 2006

Business and Finance (2005.12.01)
State Pension Program Report in UK Recommends Higher Retirement Ages, No Means-Testing
Report says means testing would act as a disincentive to save

News (2005.12.01)
Attacks on Innocent Civilians Shifting Public Opinion in Islamic Countries
Bombing of Jordanian hotel really brought out the opposition