Gongol.com Archives: December 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats and Dangers (2005.12.14)
Ugly Incident in Australia Escalates Problems
Report of an attack last week by two Lebanese-Australians on a pair of lifeguards led to a racist mob event ignited by text messages

News (2005.12.14)
Red Cross Chief Quits

The United States of America (2005.12.14)
Air Marshals to Hit Pavement
Project will put them in train stations, ferries, mass transit locations

Humor and Good News (2005.12.14)
Too Much Love for Viral Marketing Job
Onion spoof

News (2005.12.14)
Swimmers' "Boot Camp" Gets Ugly
Coach pointed fake gun at swimmers in "mock execution." Photos got out. They say it was funny at the time. Whoops.

Threats and Dangers (2005.12.14)
Bomb Kills Anti-Syrian Politician in Lebanon
Lebanon's been under the thumb of Syria for a long, long time

Science and Technology (2005.12.14)
Think Bees Are Out to Get You? Yep, They Are.
UK researchers determine that bumblebees can recognize and remember individual human faces.