Gongol.com Archives: December 2005
Brian Gongol

News (2005.12.21)
Patriot Act Gets Six-Month Extension
Now, is Congress going to get serious about civil liberties, or are they going to fritter away more time on stupid hearings about baseball and the NCAA?

Weather and Disasters (2005.12.21)
Massive Failure in Katrina Response Put Doctors in Extraordinary Binds
Reports of investigations into possible euthanizations

Computers and the Internet (2005.12.21)
Federal Government Thinking of Stepping in on Internet Sales Taxes

Threats and Dangers (2005.12.21)
Britain to Adopt National Vehicle-Travel Database
Big Brother is watching you, and at least one newspaper thinks it's about to go downhill fast. Here's an idea: How about finding better ways to lower the recidivism rate? So many offenders go back to their old ways upon being released from prison, more effort should probably be focused on stopping repeat offenders than on tracking law-abiding citizens wherever they go.