Gongol.com Archives: December 2005
Brian Gongol

Socialism Doesn't Work (2005.12.29)
North Korean Communists Reject UN Food Aid
Famine's been a mainstay of Kim Jong Il's tyranny. Now they're going to revert to central control of grain distribution. In other words, they're going to move to a more blatant form of using food as a weapon.

Computers and the Internet (2005.12.29)
Massachusetts Trying to Enforce Use of Open Documents
In the sense of file types, not public access to documents. It's a bid to break away from Microsoft's grip.

Weather and Disasters (2005.12.29)
Who Responded Best to Hurricane Katrina?
Not FEMA and not the state of Louisiana. Try Wal-Mart and other big players in the private sector.

Water News (2005.12.29)
EPA Tightens Water Regulations

Water News (2005.12.29)
Big Struggles Over Water Rights May Be Coming Sooner Than We Think
In Nebraska, the question is how to deal with a macro-scale drought. In Iowa, the issue is how to deal with runoff pollution without crushing the agricultural economy.

News (2005.12.29)
59-Year Perfect Attendance Record
97-year-old Nebraska man doesn't miss his Kiwanis Club meetings. Ever.