Gongol.com Archives: December 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats and Dangers (2005.12.31)
US Government Undermined Internet Freedom By Turning Over Control of Top-Level Domains to Oppressive Governments

Water News (2005.12.31)
Calamitous Drought Leads to Big Wildfires in Texas
Least rainfall since 1950s

Weather and Disasters (2005.12.31)
War-Grave ID Methods to be Used on Katrina Victims

News (2005.12.31)
Parents of Teen Who Ran Away to Iraq Take Zero Responsibility
Father: "I learned long ago that if you say no, they stick to the point and insist on doing it." Parents like that ruin their children.

Computers and the Internet (2005.12.31)
Crooks Already Exploiting Big Windows/Internet Explorer Security Hole
Get a new browser now

Iowa (2005.12.31)
Photos of the UNI Gilchrist Hall Fire