Gongol.com Archives: January 2006
Brian Gongol

Humor and Good News (2006.01.17)
20 Banana Bucks
$20 bill with a Del Monte sticker somehow attached in the printing process sells for $25,300.

Agriculture (2006.01.17)
Is the Chia Pet Plant a Promising Source of Food?

Weather and Disasters (2006.01.17)
New Orleans Mayor: City Will Be a "Majority African-American City. It's the Way God Wants It To Be."
Might be advisable to leave God out of it, since more than a thousand people died as a result of the storm that wrecked the city in the first place.

News (2006.01.17)
Everyone Has AIDS! AIDS, AIDS, AIDS!
Group of activists apparently thinks that by doing exactly what the movie Team America: World Police mocked in the song "Everyone has AIDS", they can change the world.

Agriculture (2006.01.17)
Nebraska Study Suggests Precision-Timed Irrigation Can Significantly Reduce Water Consumption
Reported 207.9 bushels per acre on reduced irrigation (with nitrogen fertilization) above the state's 2004 average yield of 166 bushels per acre.

Aviation News (2006.01.17)
Airbus Sold More Planes than Boeing in 2006
But Boeing won the wide-body market by a big margin

The United States of America (2006.01.17)
ACLU Sues for Immediate Closure of Domestic Surveillance Program

News (2006.01.17)
Half the World Thinks Politicians are Unethical and Incompetent
That's bad when it happens in democracies, where the people have both the right and obligation to toss the incompetent out of office. It's promising in non-democratic places, since it signals that there may be hope for ejecting the world's dictators and oligarchs.