Gongol.com Archives: January 2006
Brian Gongol

Threats and Hazards (2006.01.22)
Sabotage Disrupts Natural Gas Pipeline to Nation of Georgia
President Saakashvili says it's an orchestrated plot by Russia. Russia's flakiness with the Ukraine and Georgia over natural-gas supplies is probably going to be counter-productive; Russia apparently thinks it's showing them who's boss, but the rest of Europe, which is pretty dependent upon Russian gas, will (if they're smart) start looking for alternatives.

News (2006.01.22)
Leading Party in Iraqi Parliament Demands Prospective Coalition Partners Fight Insurgents

Humor and Good News (2006.01.22)
One Way to Avoid Getting Caned in Singapore -- Get a Sex Change

News (2006.01.22)
Russia Accuses UK of Spying
Is this really a surprise? Don't reasonable people assume that almost every country is spying on every other country?