Gongol.com Archives: January 2006
Brian Gongol

The American Way (2006.01.30)
More X-Prizes on the Way
Inducement prizes work -- it's as simple as that

The United States of America (2006.01.30)
Virtual Boy Scout Museum
Excellent site dedicated to the 1910-1919 Scouting movement

Iowa (2006.01.30)
Atlantic, Iowa: A (Coca-Cola) Company Town

Iowa (2006.01.30)
Coralville Trying to Figure Out What to Do with Rainforest Site
Looks like the rainforest won't end up in Coralville (if it even happens), so now they have a 22-acre plot of land that's been cleared and nothing to do with it

News (2006.01.30)
EU to Saudi Arabia: Stop Boycotting Denmark Over a Cartoon

Iowa (2006.01.30)
UNI Men's Basketball Ranked in Top 25 for First Time Ever
Go, alma mater, go!

The American Way (2006.01.30)
January 30, 2006 Carnival of the Capitalists
Some personal favorites: The problem of hiring wimps, how specialization beats globalization, the economics of law firms, the punitive value of identity theft, why S-corps outnumber LLCs, how high taxes are flushing businesses out of Maryland (containing a link to United Van Lines's great migration map of the United States)