Gongol.com Archives: March 2006
Brian Gongol

Threats and Hazards (2006.03.01)
Al Qaeda Moves Money By Courier
More evidence that over-emphasis on electronic surveillance, other methods might be overrated

Weather and Disasters (2006.03.01)
White House Pre-Katrina Tape Reinforces Notion Government Didn't Have a Grip on Situation
Platitudes and niceties ("We are fully prepared") mean nothing. Specifics mean everything.

News (2006.03.01)
Student Survey: Japanese High-Schoolers More Apathetic Than American, Korean, Chinese Counterparts

Agriculture (2006.03.01)
Estimate: 1.6 Billion Gallons of Ethanol Produced in Iowa in 2006

Health (2006.03.01)
Alberta Plans "Third Way" in Socialized Health Care
Wants to integrate more private care into the provincial health system. Rest of Canada feels threatened.

Business and Finance (2006.03.01)
Unusual World Relationships: Iran and Japan
Japan is Iran's biggest trading partner, mainly because Japan needs petroleum

Science and Technology (2006.03.01)
Environmentalists Worried that Wind Farms Kill Bats
This friendly reminder that every act has costs brought to you by the No Free Lunch Society