Gongol.com Archives: March 2006
Brian Gongol

The United States of America (2006.03.08)
Elections Decided By Database
Democratic activists are splitting from the DNC to form their own company to create and manage databases of Democratic and liberal voters. They're mad at Howard Dean for not getting the job done while Republicans have been actively taking the lead.

News (2006.03.08)
College Students Started Church Fires in Alabama
One says it started as a joke. The degeneracy of that comment is beyond appeal.

Weather and Disasters (2006.03.08)
Katrina Cottages
Proving that emergency housing doesn't have to be temporary nor ugly. 300-square-foot houses that can be constructed in days to house entire families. Best of all, they can be expanded, modified, or adapted to different uses after the emergency need passes. More or less everything in the Mississippi Gulf Coast will have to be rebuilt anyway.

Socialism Doesn't Work (2006.03.08)
Communism Causes Spam
Here's the logic: China's Communist system erodes respect for private property rights (a relationship well-documented in Eastern Europe under Communism, where stealing to feed one's family was a way of life). This disrespect for private property creates a climate in which software piracy is rampant. But much of the pirated software is contaminated with viruses and other malware, which in turn contributes to China's stupefyingly large share of zombie computers (a condition which is rapidly deteriorating), which churn out virtually limitless volumes of spam. Ergo, Communism shares the blame for spam.

Agriculture (2006.03.08)
Proper Crop Rotation Considerably Reduces Water Use
In the South, alternating cotton with sorghum dramatically reduced irrigation requirements on test farms. The problem is that the uses for sorghum are limited, so demand is low. Low demand depresses the price, which disincentivizes crop rotation (since more money can be made growing cotton only). So a highly effective way of conserving water might be to find new ways to use sorghum.

Science and Technology (2006.03.08)
Parking the Car Outside the Apartment
30 floors up? It could be done.